Stop the Pipeline!

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Pipeline March hits Groton Today! (Weather Update)

The Rolling Rally is traveling the route of the proposed pipeline with events all month long. See our March Page for details on previous legs. Today, the rally hits Groton and Dunstable! Information on Groton Walk is available on our Groton Walk Page. Remember to bring water, sun protection, rain gear, a snack, and hopefully some to spare for your fellow walkers.

Then save July 30th for a rally at the State House in Boston!

Due to the possibility of thunderstorms in the forecast, we have the following contingency plans available:

  • Organizers will still meet at Petapawag Boat Launch at 2:45PM. Everybody else plan to be there by 4PM
  • If it is not threatening, Nashua River festivities and the walk down Main Street will take place as planned. Music and festivities planned for Minuteman Commons may be moved into the vestry of First Parrish Church, if necessary.
  • If it is raining heavily at the start of the walk, or if thunderstorms are threatening, participants will drive directly to First Parrish Church and the walk will become a rally instead.

The decision will be made by Groton Walk organizers and will be announced as soon as possible.