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Areas of concern: because NIMBY would be too easy

SPCC Groton is a local group of concerned citizens from the Town of Groton, MA, but we’ve learned that there is no such thing as “local perspective” on a project with the scope and impact of Kinder Morgan’s proposed NED pipeline. In addition to the impact of the two-mile proposed pipeline path through Groton neighborhoods, conservation land, farmland, and school land, we also need to be concerned with what’s going on in many other places…

NED Pre-Filing: It’s On

We’ve gotten word today that Kinder Morgan has officially pre-filed their much-unwanted Northeast Energy Direct pipeline project plans with FERC, the panel of federal regulators who will eventually decide whether to give the project a thumbs-up or one of their patented thumbs-waaaaay-up. The docket number is #PF14-22.

Carbon bubble theory: a Shell game

During a fascinating interview with the Washington Post, an oil executive takes pains to distance himself and his company from climate change skeptics. This oil man, who has personally sat across a conference table from Vladimir Putin, and whose company owns shale-fracking interests in the separatist-controlled region of Ukraine, draws the line at associating with folks who deny human-driven climate change. But there are other kinds of denial…

Rabbit Hole II: Meet John and Ian

Last week, we started down the rabbit hole linking Kinder Morgan’s proposed NED Pipeline with one of the natural gas export facilities being fast-tracked to completion in the Canadian Maritimes. As of this month, the Bear Head project is under new management in the form of John Godbold and Ian Salmon, former employees of a company that’s since been swallowed up by Kinder Morgan. John and Ian are now operating from an office that’s thousands of miles from the new facility they are building in Nova Scotia but only five minutes by foot from Kinder Morgan’s Houston HQ…