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Open Letter to FERC: Kinder Morgan Doesn’t Care

Attached is an individual comment to FERC by SPCC member Greg R. Fishbone regarding Kinder Morgan/Tennesse Gas Pipeline’s pre-filing request for the NED pipeline. It references evidence of the Company’s prior actions that will hopefully inform FERC’s analysis of whether the company’s submitted map set should be accepted as compliant with the Commission’s regulations.

Gas leak in Groton

Excessive fracking has artificially reduced the cost of natural gas, and when something is cheap, it gets treated as disposable. The gas companies are fine with gas leaks that go for weeks or months without repair, especially when they are allowed to pass the cost of leaked gas on to their customers. And it happens right here on the streets of Groton…

Areas of concern: because NIMBY would be too easy

SPCC Groton is a local group of concerned citizens from the Town of Groton, MA, but we’ve learned that there is no such thing as “local perspective” on a project with the scope and impact of Kinder Morgan’s proposed NED pipeline. In addition to the impact of the two-mile proposed pipeline path through Groton neighborhoods, conservation land, farmland, and school land, we also need to be concerned with what’s going on in many other places…